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Design - Tanja Skytte and Gary O'Connor

Solid handcrafted bar table and bar stools carved from single slab of Monkey Pod. The legs are created from solid raw steel. We have named this design 'Eternity' as the shape of the bar stool resembles the eternity symbol. The stools are very comfortable. 

To keep the natural appearance of the wood this set has been finished with Natural Soap.

Dimensions bar table: D 80 / H 100 cm

Dimensions bar stools: L 44 / W 38 / H 80 cm

3 candleholders is supplied with each set (Table and 1,2,3 or 4 stools). The stools, table and candleholders can also be purchased individually.

For custom orders please contact us by phone or email at

Eternity Bar Table w 4 chairs WEBPNG
Eternity Bar stool small_edited
Eternity Bar table
Eternity Bar Table w 4 chairs WEBPNG_edited
Eternity Bar Table WEBPNG
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