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Sacana Coffee Table

Sacana Coffee Table


A modern solid coffee table created from a 5 cm thick single slab of Guanacaste. It has been finished with a white tint. The legs are made from solid raw steel treated with oil.

Dimensions: L 110 / W 71-74 / H 37 cm

Contact for availability and price.


    Every effort has been taken to provide you with quality materials. If you within 14 days of receiving your shipment you decide the material fail to meet your requirement, our return policy is as follows: 100% return guarantee for refund or credit on the purchase price of materials received back at Skytte & O'Connor in unaltered, original condition. All freight charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and cannot be refunded.


    The Skytte & O’Connor furniture pieces are constructed from solid whole slabs of wood. We prefer and seek out wood with cracks, twists and color variations. Wood will adjust to the moisture content of your home and its surroundings. You may notice your slab furniture piece move ever so slightly or even develop small cracks or dips. THIS IS NORMAL and part of the natural charm of owning an organic piece of solid slab furniture. Enjoy the imperfections, as this is part of the uniqueness of this natural product. Slab furniture can not be compared to other solid wood furniture pieces. Each piece is unique and has been cut, planed and finished to complement the original slab - with all its unique markings and shape variations as intact as possible.  Two tables therefore will never be the same, only similar in their design. This is in contrast to manufactured pieces of furniture where small pieces of wood has been glued and fitted with 'imperfections' discarded to create a uniformity that characterizes modern mass production.  

    Temperature and moisture

    In our production process, we dry our wood to approximately 12% or less moisture content prior to construction. This helps to stabilize the wood and will prevent extreme warping and splitting.

    With seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, wood will gain and loose moisture. This will cause the wood to expand and contract. In a sense the wood breathes just like us.  The larger the swings in humidity, the larger the expansion and contraction.


    Excessive or prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of your furniture and dry the wood. Use window coverings or tablecloths to prevent daily direct exposure of your furniture to the sun. If you leave objects such as candleholders or vases on an uncovered wood surface, rotate them regularly to prevent dark or light spots. Leaving your wood piece in direct sunlight will not be good.

    As part of natural aging, your wood furniture will typically develop a beautiful patina and undergo color changes. Some wood species darkens while other tends to lighten.


    While our wood furniture is finished with several layers of either Danish oil, Natural soap or polyurethane it can be scratched, dented and stained. We also work with the ancient Japanese technique, Shou Sugi Ban where the wood is burned to create a natural rot, pest, UV and fire resistant surface. We have taken this technique a little further and carried on burning until the wood has a solid black color with natural forming cracks which is a design feature we love. All our Shou Sugi Ban finish is followed with a Danish oil finish.

    In general don't place wet or hot objects on your wooden furniture. Use coasters to prevent damage, and wipe up spills promptly.


    Natural soap can be purchased in furniture shops or online. Follow instructions on product. Re-apply the soap finish every few weeks. Surfaces should be cleaned with a soft cloth and water after use. Do not use furniture polish.



    Surfaces should be cleaned with a soft cloth and water after use. Do not use furniture polish. Re-apply a coat of Danish oil yearly.



    Surfaces should be cleaned with a soft cloth after use. When needed wipe with a moist cloth, not wet. This will remove fingerprints and light soil.


    Keep in mind that furniture that has been created from solid wood slabs can be refinished many times should it become badly damaged.


    We offer free delivery in Harare on all our products.  Depending on the product and the access some assembly may be necessary.

    Generally the lead time is 1-3 weeks for items in stock and 4 weeks for custom orders. It begins from the day you receive your order confirmation.

    Delivery of a large item such as furniture is of course a little more problematic than arranging delivery for small items.  Skytte & O’Connor furniture is not knock down, and it doesn’t come in a flat box. Although some tabletops can be removed if need be it is not possible for the majority of our designs.

    In case of large dining room tables we may need to understand the access to the room before we are able to provide a quote.


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