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Yugen design series

Yugen Table

Very large solid single slabs of Tali hand carved along the sides to create a 'floating' appearance of the thick natural and unique slab. 

Each slab is unique in size, color, grain pattern and markings. 

The table pictured here measures L 329 / W 92 / H 75 cm

Yugen Ofice Desk

The desk pictured below has been created from large Guanacaste slabs hand carved to create a 'floating' appearance.

For custom orders please contact us by phone or email at

Design - Tanja Skytte and Gary O'Connor

Yugen Dining table level 2_edited
Yugen Dining table level 1 and 2_edited
Yugen Guanacaste Office desk level 1 and 2
office level 2
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